Oct 29, 2009

In the Classroom: Tin Lizzie Demo

The Tin Lizzie is a long arm sewing machine with a movable foot designed specifically for quilts. Users can move the arm of the machine freely over large pieces of fabric. SAIC has one in the Fiber & Material Studies Department where I hang out most days. This Saturday I learned how to use this incredible piece of equipment. I started working on a small piece with the machine and I look forward to experimenting with its ability draw long flowing lines in thread.

Oct 24, 2009

Openings: World of Queercraft, Craftland Gallery, Providence, RI

I'm in a group show called World of QueerCraft at the Craftland Gallery in Providence, RI. I'm showing 6 small Vignette Badges (3 never before exhibited). The show also features work by Liz Collins, Michael DiPietro, Monica Panzarino, Christopher Schulz, Anna Shapiro, Jason Tranchida, and Matt Underwood. Monica, Matt, and I graduated from Alfred University together. Christopher Schulz founded PinUps Magazine which I am a huge fan of. I wasn't able to attend the opening but check out some of Matt's photos from the opening. This exhibit runs through November 21.

Oct 23, 2009

Openings: Hypothetical Plantets, Betty Rymer Gallery

Images from the Betty Rymer opening. Our collaborations with the performance class brought the installations to life. The show is on view until November 20th and if you stop by after next Monday the gallery will be totally changed again. I love laboratory shows.

Oct 20, 2009

In the Studio: Portable Queer Space

I spent the weekend in California but now that I'm back and hitting the studio hard. I have three critiques this week so I've been fine tuning some possible installations for my "Portable Queer Space." I can't wait to see what Lacey Jane Roberts has to say about it. The final installation will include a video component which is still in progress. Here are some shots. I added some branding today with an image of a male head. I'm trying to move the work away from "Barbie Tent" and more towards "Portable Queer Space".

In the Classroom: Lacey Jane Roberts

Today I attend an amazing lecture by Lacey Jane Roberts. If you know my work and then check out her website, you'll instantly understand why I love her research and studio practice. Robert's work deals with issue of queer and craft. In her lecture she tied the two together seamlessly by exposing issues of race, labor, and the amateur that tie these two concepts together at the margins of their fields. I'm looking forward to my studio visit with her tomorrow. My list of questions is a little long... hopefully I can cut it down.

Oct 18, 2009

Openings: Hypothetical Plantets, Betty Rymer Gallery

Last week I installed work in SAIC's Betty Rymer Gallery. I'm part of a group exhibit called Hypothetical Planets. The show runs October 13th through November 20th. So if you are in Chicago be sure to stop by. The show is a collaboration between students in a performance class and students in Amy Honchell's Fiber, Installation & Context class. There will be an artist's reception Friday, October 23rd from 4:30 to 7. The show designed to change throughout the exhibition so plan on coming back a few times.

Oct 11, 2009

Openings: CTA Meet Meat Train

My class (Installation, Materials, and Context with Amy Honchel) in collaboration with currator Allison Glen, developed a very successful installation for this weekend's AOT (Art on Track). AOT was founded last summer by an SAIC alumni and is a one of a kind event where 8 art organizations take over a CTA train car for 9 hours.

Our car, the Meet Meat Train, was inspired by the shared history of Chicago's transportation and meat industries. Our research found that the meat industry pushed for public transit in Chicago and once it was built they used to transport meat from the butchers to the meat packers. Before the transit was constructed meat processors had to use the services of private national train companies which charged extremely high tariffs. Butchers were able to utilize the train system at night and avoid tariffs. The downside was that the subways smelled like a meat packing factory.

We constructed soft sculptures of meat and broke up the space with panels of cloth. When this project was being developed we discussed how the CTA system still functions as a subversive space where people attempt to find lovers via Craigslist. To incorporate this contemporary context we printed actual missed connections in subtle locations throughout the train.

Oct 4, 2009

In the Studio: Portable Domestic Installation

I spent the entire weekend in my studio putting together this little piece for a show next week at the Betty Rymer Gallery.