Feb 24, 2007

WPA/C 9x10 Member Show
Opening: March 9th
Show runs: March 9th - April 6th
the William W. Parker Gallery
629 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC

I will be showing some new work from the Merit Badge Series

Feb 19, 2007

Part two of my on going collaborations with D.Billy. D.Billy is a local artist and my former roommate.

This is the last cat picture for a while. I don't want to become a crazy cat lady. We have decided to call the cat, Fischer. Naming him has pretty much been my only task this week.

Feb 17, 2007

MzPussy comes home

We are having way too much trouble naming this cat.
We've tried: MzPussy, MrPussy, Ansel, Butters, Untitled, Skank and Chairman Meow. In the end we will probably call him Cat or Whiskers.

Feb 15, 2007

A Kitten for KidFlash

What should we name the new cat?


This is my beautiful former-cat who met his maker on Irving street. Tonight I may be getting a new (indoor only) cat. Name suggestions?
-The cat is a boy but I want to call him Mz.P.
-What about calling him Mr. Shuffles?

Feb 13, 2007

-Stuff I wrote in my sketchbook at the Nancy Spector + Matthew Barney Lecture.
(Hirshhorn, Jan 31st, 2007)
--What does it take to make a mark against resistance?
--Is Matthew Barney Boring? Are his movies?
--Crememaster 3 is a rehearsal for death- "What does it look like on the other side?"
--Crememaster=Suspension of Energy and then its release.
--I love Bjork (5 years ago).
--"I want the dissolve the insides of myth."-MB
--Land Mammal to Sea Mammal
--He kind of looks like Woody Harelson. I want them to make out.

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