Feb 13, 2007

-Stuff I wrote in my sketchbook at the Nancy Spector + Matthew Barney Lecture.
(Hirshhorn, Jan 31st, 2007)
--What does it take to make a mark against resistance?
--Is Matthew Barney Boring? Are his movies?
--Crememaster 3 is a rehearsal for death- "What does it look like on the other side?"
--Crememaster=Suspension of Energy and then its release.
--I love Bjork (5 years ago).
--"I want the dissolve the insides of myth."-MB
--Land Mammal to Sea Mammal
--He kind of looks like Woody Harelson. I want them to make out.

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Marissa said...

Matthew Barney is definitely boring. Before he was just indulgent. Now he's boring and indulgent.