Jul 22, 2011

Openings: Please Touch the Artwork

Please Touch the Artwork
2130 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL
July 16 - July 21, 2011

Adam Rose, Asha Tamirisa, Eric Stefanski, Fereshteh Tooshi, Hyeon Kim, Jennifer Grossman, Kate Hampel, Marci Rubin, Micele Bock, Steven Frost, and Youn Joon Kwak

Curated by Emma Stein

A multi-sensory, contemporary art exhibition that makes art accessible to the visually impaired. 

The exhibition will feature non-visual curatorial methods and artwork that is accessible by its multi-sensory nature. In addition to advancing the field of art accessibility, the exhibition will also provide a meaningful experience for the sighted, giving participants an opportunity to branch out of strictly visual modes of engagement with artworks.

[Photos courtesy of James Martin Pepper Kelly (top 6) & Emma Stein (bottom 3)]