Sep 12, 2007

Ansel Adams @ the Corcoran

[The Ansel Adams member preview is tonight. I can't wait. I live for member previews at the Corcoran. They make me feel all fancy like a person who can actually support the arts from the outside. I also wear a tie. After a few cocktails I will hit the gallery and check out the work... which will no doubt be beautiful. Ansel Adams helped save nature from industrialists and game hunters about a hundred years ago, that makes him relevant to contemporary artists who watched the Al Gore movie. I have yet to watch it but from what I've heard: 1) Cars are bad. 2) Hummers are worse 3) The Environment is sexy 4) Al Gore is our hero and he's gonna take pollution down to zero. If you're not a member you can see the show September 15th - January 28th.]

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