Feb 25, 2008

Closer Look: the 2008 Sondheim Prize Semi-Finalists

Semi-finalists for the $25,000 Sondheim Prize are finishing up their applications to become finalists. If they are successful they'll be in an exhibit at the BMA and have a shot at the $25,000 prize. Last year's winner Tony Shore got a great deal of mileage off the prize. I see his name everywhere now. This year's crop of semi-finalists are much more Baltimore based. Kriston Capps noted on his blog that Molly Springfield, Chris Saar and Bridget Sue Lambert are the only DC artists nominated. Last year 14 of the semi-finalists were DC based.

I have provided links to each artist's website (or closest thing to it). In compiling these links I previewed all their work and I am very excited for the exhibits that will grow from this contest.

Becky Alprin, Laura Amussen, Rachel Bone, Ryan Browning, Mandy Burrow, Linda Day Clark, Brent Crothers, Melissa Dickenson, Eric Finzi, Laurie Flannery, Shaun Flynn, Dawn Gavin, Geoff Grace, Maren Hassinger, Kay Hwang, Courtney Jordan, Bridget Sue Lambert, Youngmi Song, Beverly Ress, James Rieck, Christopher Saah, Lynn Silverman, Molly Springfield, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Calla Thompson, Edward Winter, Erin Womack

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