Feb 28, 2008

Closer Look: WPA Auction Preview

If you didn't grab one of the $250 tickets to the WPA's annual auction next Friday... the preview night is tonight and admission is FREE. The curators will talk about their selections and many of the artists will be present. If you can afford tickets the auction, buy them before tonight (apparently they're almost sold out). The WPA auction is a great opportunity to buy work by local and national artists at prices well below market value. I went last year and the table centerpieces were definitely the hottest buys. Unlike most of the work in the auction, the centerpiece artists were asked to create one to four unique pieces for the gala.

Erin Chase Mackay at Chase Contemporary Art LLC., gathered the artists for this year's centerpieces. Akemi Maegawa who just opened a very successful solo show at Irvine Contemporary is among them.

Preview work by the artists:
Pattie Porter Firestone
David Henderson
Scott Hutchison
Bridget Sue Lambert
Elaine Langerman
Laurel Lukaszewski
Akemi Maegawa
Sam Noto
Susanna Starr
Catherine White

(photo courtesy of wpa artfile and pattie porter firestone.)

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