Mar 4, 2008

On View: Cara Ober: i am who i pretend to be

Some bloggers may encourage DC art collectors to buy up screen saver dots on paper but I would spin them in the direction of Cara Ober. Thank you Randall Scott Gallery for showing Baltimore based artist Cara Ober. She's a little bit graphic designer, print maker, and story teller. Ober blends together the typical urban outfitter style of Victorian decals and flash graphics with a post secret sensibility.

Washington Post art critic, Blake Gopnik recently wrote about Christine Bailey's exhibit New Work, where she assimilated Ober's style in a series of prints. Bailey (currently at the School 33 Art Center in Baltimore) propelled Ober further into the limelight.
Ober previously showed at Flashpoint Gallery in DC and currently teaches at MICA, John Hopkins Univesity, and Towson University.
Randall Scott Gallery
Opening Saturday, March 7th 7-9pm
1326 14th Street NW, Washington, DC
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