Mar 24, 2008

On View: Marlon Riggs @ 6th & I

Marlon Riggs ignited controversy with his 1987 film Tongues Untied. At a time when HIV/AIDS was ripping through the gay community, Riggs called gay culture on it's continuing racism. In this piece Riggs brings performance art, video, documentary and dance perfectly together. I remember watching this piece in college and losing it. Tongues Untied is truly powerful and entertaining art (snapp-ology is my favorite part).

A friend of mine worked at a PBS station in Buffalo, NY when Tongues Untied originally aired in 1991. The station received so many homophobic threats that employees had to be escorted home by police.

After the screening a panel discusion called: African-American and Gay: 20 Years Later will be held. Panalists include: Ron Simmons, PhD Executive Director Us Helping US and Cast Member Tongues Untied; Sylvia Rhue, Director of Religious Affairs, NBJC; Earl Fowlkes, President, Int'l. Federation of Black Prides; and moderated by Earl Plante, NBJC and One in Ten.

Tongues Untied:
Screening and Panel Discussion
March 26th @ 7pm
Sixth & I Synagogogue 600 I Street NW
$10 (
tickets are available online)

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