Aug 13, 2008

Fun Stuff: Ed Luce Releases Wuvable Oaf #0

Last January while visiting San Fransisco I had the pleasure of cruising bear bars with illustrator, Ed Luce. He is a former teacher and long time friend of mine. Since moving to SF a few years ago he's starred in one of artist Sean Johnson's Beard Love videos and guest started in the indie porn mag, Pizzine (guess what it's about). He's been working hard on a new comic series loosely based on his new SF life.

He was a bit of a Bear-lebrity at the bar and every other bearded daddy interrupted our conversation to say hi. After a few hours talking about our old lovers Luce handed me a Xerox copy of his just released Wuvable Oaf Comic. After an encounter with a surly polar bear at a urinal, I wished Ed well and stumbled to a near by coffee shop to read it.

Ed created a cast of sexy and likable characters to fill the life of Oaf, a 30-something, DIY-crafting, the Knife listening, daddy loving, pussy loving, post-ironic bear. Oaf's first full color edition hits shelves in SF this week but you can get your copy online. He also has some great merch including a super sexy lime green t-shirt featuring Oaf and his Kitties. It comes in five sizes so even twinks and otters can be bear bait for a day.

Wuvable Oaf

Ed Luce's Livejournal

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