Sep 2, 2009

City Life: Oli the Amazing New Housemate

After living with a convicted felon, several dirty hippies, a preacher's daughter and many inspiring/amazing people... it is no surprise that I'm very hesitant to move in with a new housemate. It took me a few years to figure out how to live with people in DC. My last year I had many solid housemates whom I formed great friendships with. Before that I don't know how I picked them. I'm pretty sure I just let anyone I found on craigslist live with regardless of their ability to pay bills or wash their dishes.

When my Chicago housing search started a friend of mine suggested I live with Oli. He graduated from SAIC's MFA Film and New Media program last spring. He grew up in Chicago so he knows the city very well and he found our beautiful cheap place in Pilsen. So far things have been going well with Oli. Our cat's haven't hit it off on as well. Their screams and hisses often wake us in the middle of the night.

After living with Oli for a week my friend Carolyna suggested I ask him about his art. As soon as he got home from work I asked him. Luckily a lot of Oli's work is on YouTube so you too can fall in love with his thoughtful pieces as I have. The video I'm attaching is a split screen of Oli playing baseball. In the left screen you'll see documentation of his infiltration of a little league team. On the right you'll see documentation of a group of artists performing the scene on the left. Oli and his mom provide the play-by-play.

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