Feb 9, 2010

Introductions: Allison Wade

This semester first-year students in the MFA Fiber & Material Studies program will be presenting a series of lectures on their studio practice and research. The noontime lecture series presents issues on conceptual development, context, materiality, and process as they relate to the artist's studio practice.

Presenting first this semester is one of my favorite collegaues, Allison Wade. Wade grew up in Texas and attended Stanford University for her Undergrad. After spending several years in the design industry and developing a burgeoning studio practice Wade realized she wanted to return to school for her MFA.

Wade's current work deals with connections, disconnections, and missed connections on a theoretical and material level. She utilizes materials often left in the recycling bin like cardboard and torn clothing. While many contemporary artists reach for these materials they seldom handle them with the consideration and care that wade does. I've seen her arrange and re-arrange her sculptures for weeks. This care gives her non-figurative assemblages an gestural and somewhat anthropomorphic quality. They lack the post-modern irony present in many anti-monuments. Her architectural cardboard forms wrapped in monochrome t-shirts and sweaters manage to occupy space with a presence that allows viewers to see the delicate and often fleeting nature of our human connections.

Allison Wade's lecture is Wednesday, February 10th at 12:10 in Sharp 903 at 36 S. Wabash St., Chicago, IL.

If you miss Allison's Lecture be sure to check out others in the series:

Ellen Burgess Nielsen (Monday 2/15)
Liene Bosque Muller (Friday 2/26)
David Harper (Tuesday 3/2)
Bobbi Meier (Thursday 3/11)
Barbara Wakefield (Wednesday 3/17)
Soo Shin (Friday 3/26)
Erin Chlaghmo (Monday 3/29)
Steven Frost (Tuesday 4/6)
Janet Lin (Thursday 4/15)
Mike Evans (Friday 4/23
Kate Hampel (Tuesday 4/27)
Matthew Schlagbaum (Wednesday 5/12)

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