Feb 3, 2010

Openings: Christine Tarkowski: Last Things Will Be First and First Things Will Be Last

It's only been up since Friday but I've already been to the Chicago Cultural Center twice for Christine Tarkowski's new show. The exhibit explores systems of belief and life's perpetual rituals. The show includes a massive ship-like installation in the main gallery which is framed by two enormous curtains screened printed with juxtaposed images of Roman excess and third world strife. Tarkowski has two collaborators in the show one being 80's alt-punk icon Jon Langford of the Mekons and the other an Amish woman looking to save her soul. Tarkowski a devout atheist gave the woman an year to convert her but her efforts were fruitless. Recovering from this strange relationship Tarkowski produced her own gospel album with Langford (which soulfully provides a soundtrack for the second gallery). The show runs through May 2nd at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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