Dec 11, 2010

Openings SAIC Sullivan Galleries

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December 11, 2010-January 22, 2011

This exhibition features new work by the artists and writers in Text Off the Page, including collaborative projects, performances, installations, and language-based projects. Artist featured: Shanita Bigelow, Troy Briggs, Annette Elliot, Sarah Jones, Nazafarin Lotfi, Joaquin Lowe, Joel Parsons, David Scheier, Corkey Taylor Sinks, Jillian Soto, Hurmat Ulain, and Colin Winnette.

Stories of Relativity 
December 11, 2010-January 22, 2011

How do we relate to one another? The nine artists in this exhibition explore the complex nature of human connectivity, considering how time, identity, and interpersonal tensions shape our relationships and affect our interactions. Featuring recent work by: Hope Esser, Jang soon Im, Je Je Je Jiyeon Lim, Zihan Loo, Cheryl Pope, Casilda Sanchez, Chryssa Tsampazi, Andrew Norman Wilson, and Wei-Hsuan Vicky Yen. Curated by Amelia Love (MA 2013), Curatorial Assistant, Department of Exhibitions.

Channel, Channel, Channel, Channel, Channel, Channel, Channel, Channel
December 11, 2010-January 22, 2011

The eight artists participating in the Video Installation course attempt to investigate, analyze and confront various aspects of this practice by focusing on issues of separation and contact. Their work tackles formal questions emerging from constructing multichannel installation, as well as from the intersection of a single-channel, time-based medium with a given space and performed actions. Featuring: Emilie Crowe, Lindsay Denniberg, Marco Godoy, Mikey McPariane, Brianne Milder, MZL, Wang Ye-Feng, and Courtney Bird Ziegler.
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