May 18, 2009

Reincorporation @ Honfleur (Preview #1)

Next month I'm curating a show I've decided to call: Reincorporation Jamboree at Honfleur Gallery in Southeast D.C. For the show I've selected five artist's who have emerged from rites of passage with very unique visions of their families.

The first artist I'm previewing for this show is photographer, Hatnim Lee. Hatnim graduated from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in 2006 and since then has built an impressive body of both fashion and fine art photography. Lee's work can be divided into street photography, portraits, and fashion work. I have followed her blog almost daily since 2007 and was always impressed how she moves from shooting for Teen Vogue in L.A. to taking pictures in her parent's Pentworth Liqueur store without loosing a beat. The subject of both are treated with an intense serious nature.

Portraits of her family both biological and urban are the subject of the photo's I'll included in this show. Hatnim Lee's work as a freelancer has taken her to cities all over the world but she still remains an every important presence in her Alrington, VA family. Lee's portraits are not ones you might find on any Facebook page but instead draw more from the tradition of photographers like Nan Goldin, Ryan McGinley, and William Eggleston. Behind the camera Lee directs her subjects creating a space where her subjects are aware of the camera and free to speak to it, whether they are in her parent's Arlington, VA home or three pints from blindness at a pub in Brooklyn, NY.

You can find out more about Hatnim Lee on her website or for the real insite and almost daily photos go to her blog. Please join me next month at Honfleur Gallery for Reincorporation Jamboree.

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