Sep 12, 2009

Galleries: 9/11 West Loop Crawl

In DC when there is an opening I was always overwhelmed by the crowds. There were easily 300% more galleries and people at on Friday night in the west loop. These kind of crowds are to be expected in a city the size of Chicago but the sidewalks were overloaded with art goers and the galleries were packed like a rush hour train. Its great to see that Chicago's contemporary art scene is so healthy but fuck... it was so crowded that I saw several people stumble over one art's work.

Over at Bad at Sports, Claudine Ise beat the crowds and put together a rundown of the hi/low-lights. I love Ise's piece but it failed to explain why so many people are responding to the work of Melanie Schiff. I think the crowds affected my take on Schiff's photos. I plan on returning to Kavi Gupta and giving her rocks, urban abandonment, and skateboard parks another try.

Photo by Melanie Schiff from

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