Sep 8, 2009

Introductions: Matthew Schlagbaum

When SAIC interviewed me for the Fiber Department I had the opportunity to meet Matthew Schlagbaum. He has since joined me as a first-year grad student. Schlagbaum is a collector and his work often looks at contemporary life though that lens. He's from South Florida which gives something a insight into the "American" experience. This of course is a vague and broad statement but if you have visited Tampa... you'll understand. Schlagbaum says that many people come to Florida to die and with them they bring a lot stuff so in this piece below, Burden of Accomplishment, he uses discarded trophies as his primary material. Schlagbaum's work is infused with this sardonic sense of humor. "I couldn't grow a beard." He said. "So I decided to make one." He proceed to create several clip-on beards from discarded materials like sawdust, tobacco, ash, and peanut shells.

Explore more of Matt's work here.

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