Sep 7, 2009

Introductions: David R Harper

Last Saturday night the MFA Fiber department held a mixer/slide show for all the MFA students in our department. For the first time I finally had an opportunity to see the work of all my colleagues and professors. It was a stunning array of work that moved from performance, to installation, to printmaking, into weaving and far beyond. I want to discuss the work of all my classmates but covering everyone at once would hardly do any one of them justice. So today I'll start a feature called Introductions. This series will highlight the many outstanding artists I will work with over the next two years.

David R Harper is a Canadian artist working primarily with taxidermy and craft materials. His craftsmanship is flawless and while I haven't had a opportunity to engage in an extensive conversation with him, themes of the body, gender, and the monument are prevalent in his work. Here are a few of my favorite pieces. For more go check out his website. I'm sure I will much more to say about his work as the year progresses.

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